Program for Rural Development 2014-2020
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas


Dear Participants in the survey,
Avren municipality is a Leading Partner of the established Local partnerships for the purpose of the implementation of the Approach of "Community-led local development"(CLLD), which includes representatives of the public, business and non-profit sector, with a territorial coverage within the administrative borders of the two neighboring municipalities - Avren and Beloslav .
Avren municipality is Beneficiary of the signed trilateral Contract No. RD50-181 from 12.07.2015 on granting financial assistance under the Project on sub-measure 19.1 "Help for preparatory activities" of measure 19 "Community-led local development" from the Program for Rural for the period 2014-2020, financed by the European agricultural fund for rural development. The sub-measure provides opportunities for the establishment of aLocal Action Group (LAG), whose members are representatives of various stakeholder groups from the local community identified in the analysis, which to administer in the target territory integrated and multi-fund Strategy for CLLD.
This Survey is designed to study and analyze the investment intentions of representatives of all groups of stakeholders from the public, business and non-profit sector, functioning in the territory of the Avren Municipality or MunicipalityBeloslav. We rely on you posing yourreal expectations as potential beneficiaries to the CLLD Strategy in the context of priorities, objectives, and interventions and activities falling within the scope of the Approach Community-led local development.
The contractor "Center for Sustainable Strategies"carries out the Survey and counts on your commitment and responsiveness, your frank opinion, which you will provide to us by filling out the Survey. Thus you will aid in the process of identifying the needs, problems and necessities of the Stakeholders, as well as the opportunities for utilization of the potential of the local economy by mobilizing available resources. The Survey aims to assist the process of developing a quality Strategy for CLLD based on the specific needs and potential, as well as the similar vision for the development of both municipalities, based on their common social and economic interests.
Your participation in the stages of the strategic planning process through mutual cooperation between the representatives of Stakeholders from different groups of sectors at the local level, is an effective multi-sectorial approach to ensure added value for the target territory, utilization of its potential and promotion of local identity.
Thank you in advance for your empathy, time and assistance!

Questionnaire: STAKEHOLDERS